About Me

My name is Brand Winnie and I am a father, a husband an an entrepreneur. Currently I am the founder and CEO of Seshn. I’m also married to a beautiful wife and have two awesome kids. From a very young age I have always had the need to create something. I grew up creating things like video game ideas, concepts for new sports car designs and spending over 5 years throughout middle school and high school trying to redesign famous athlete signature shoes for Nike, instead of listening to my teachers. I always had sort of a rebellious attitude towards school and never really fit in within the system. I always wanted to learn and do things on my own. I am passionate about technology, design, snowboarding, mountain biking and business. Currently I am the founder and CEO of Seshn.com. Been in the technology game since 2005 & hope to stay a part of it for a long time. http://seshn.com